These are the girls who have stood beside you through thick and thin. The girls that assured you that haircut would grow out, that told you to forget that guy and move on because you’re beautiful, the one’s that helped distract everyone so you could make run for it because you just had to wear those new white jeans on the most inconvenient day of the month. These are the ones that have been there for every big moment in your life.

Finally after all the group texts, late nights and countless pizza, they’re now helping you prepare for your biggest day: Your wedding.

As your bridesmaids, you know how special and perfect they are, so now all that’s left is to find the perfect dresses to show that to the rest of world.

Bridesmaid dressing should be FUN, not stressful, so we’ve put together a quick little guide in how you and your dream team can make the most of it!

KM_C227-20170809165003GET THEIR DEETS

Numero uno: Gather up everyone’s measurements. This is the most important part to finding the perfect dress (especially if you’re shopping online!). To get the most out of this process, follow these tips:

BUST: Measure directly from the largest part of the bust (or ‘boobies’ as we call it, because we’re 100% immature). Put it firm, but don’t pull it too tight or you’ll find later on that the zipper wont quite go up.

WAIST: Measure from where you waist dips in the most. Same goes, not too tight!

HIPS: Make sure you measure around the largest part of you bottom.

Biggest tip: Over estimate in size if need be. It’s always easier (and cheaper!) to take a dress in than take it out.


Now, compare your girls measurements with the size chart (found here). Ta da! You’ve got their size!



Not everyone has the same body type. We’re not all Miranda Kerr’s or Ashley Graham’s. We’re women, with different dips and curves, so it’s important to take that into account when thinking about dress shapes. Great solutions to this is to find celebrities with a similar body types to your bridesmaids and start pulling inspiration from their styling, or alternatively look at getting a multi-wrap dress that you can tie differently for everyone, like this one.



Get everyone involved and start a bridesmaid mood board! You can do a group text, a Facebook group or, our favourite, a shared Pinterest board! You never know who might have the best ideas. Plus, they’re the ones that have to wear the dress, so let’s make sure they love them!


NOW the shopping can begin! Find a time that suits everyone and book an appointment at your local store (you can contact them here). Best way to get the most out of your fitting? Scour styles you like online, check the store has them in stock or see if they can transfer them in and ask them to start putting aside sizes for your girls before you arrive to maximise shopping time!

From everyone at Bariano, we wish you the best of luck and hope you feel beautiful in whatever you wear 🙂




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