Our 5 Fave Things to do in Summer!

Summer is coming for us gals all across Australia and I think I speak for ALL of us when I say ‘I’M READY’!! It feels like so so long since we have enjoyed endless warm weather and doting mini-breaks to the coast.

Of course our absolute fave thing to do in summer is head to the beach with our mains. BUT there is actually soo much for to the glorious three months that cities all over have to offer.

These are my 5 faves here in Melbourne.


If you haven’t already been, you NEED to go the Pillars at Mount Martha Beach. Located 60kms South-East of the CBD, this gem is quickly becoming a hot spot for beach-goers. I know I said that there is heaps more to do in summer than go to the beach BUT this is different. It is so so beautiful and off the beaten track that it really is an amazing day out with whoever you choose to go with. You can jump off the pillars and swim in the glistening waters below – but BEWARE – the Pillars is starting to gain popularity so make sure you get there in the morning to save yourself climbing over everyone to get a comfy tanning spot. If you aren’t in Melbs then try your best to source out unique spots like this in your city – there will be plenty and it is so wort it (it also makes for a #goals insta).



Going to the movies is one of the best things to do ALL year round. But how cool are the various outdoor cinemas that are popping up around us? There are a few to choose from; Ben & Jerry’s on the beach in St Kilda, or the classic Moonlight Cinemas tucked away in the Botanical Gardens are my two favourites. These cinemas only exist in the summer time and are the perfect alternative to dinner and drinks. Most of the companies post the movie schedule online waay before the air-date so it is super easy to check when your fave movie is screening – they show both classics and new releases. Pack a picnic and take some wine with your friends or date and you are set for a beautifully warm and relaxing evening.




Need I say more? Froyo is my latest obsession! I am so in love with the delicious snack that I have eaten it 4 times in the past week (major oops). There are so many froyo bars around the place but my ultimate favourite is the original guy on the block; YO-CHI. YO-CHI is the bomb! Pick from three locations – Balaclava, Hawthorn or Carlton and fill up your cup with delicious yoghurts (many are GF, DF and Vegan) so the place is super accomodating. If you take my advice and go here you MUST (like must must) try the dark chocolate covered goji berries as a topping – they are next level. Of course, there are so many choices when it comes to dessert, and I am never one to shy away from any sort, BUT this summer I just know that YO-CHI will be the sweetness in my heart.




Summer is about relaxing with your friends and family and basking in the glory of those UV rays on your skin. Although Melbs has so much to offer in the summer time, there is really no beating a coastal weekend getaway. We are so lucky here that there are some seriously AMAZING coastal towns that welcome us in the summer time. Whether it be surfing in Phillip Island, relaxing in Venus Bay or people watching in Portsea, you can’t go wrong with a weekend escape from the big smoke. Head to Airbnb and rent a room or home with your friends for the weekend and live like a bare-foot local for 48 hours. OR, why not go camping? Not only is the time away spent so relaxing and needed, the roadtrip to these places if often the best part! Get your girls and throw on some Bey for the following three hours and you’ll be wishing that the journey was 6 hours long!



Okay I know I have done well this post so far not mentioning fashion even ONCE but I can’t lie.. one of my favourite things about summer is undoubtedly the fashion! There is something so liberating about throwing on a cute mini dress or some denim cut-offs and a cool tee and heading out the door. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter fashion too, but summer is just so simple and effortless that it’s my dream come true in the heat. I love wearing colour in summer – this is something I never do in winter. PLUS does anyone else have an obsession with bikinis like I do? I swear my fullest draw in my closet is my swimwear draw. Bariano has heaps of options for summer fashion! I also love pairing more expensive bottoms with say a thrift-shop in summer to add to that effortlessly cool look.


It doesn’t matter what you do in summer, it’s bound to be a good time. Whether you enjoy relaxing with your family around the pool or partying with your friends on a trip, the fun times in summer are endless and memories that will last forever!

I cannot wait for summer to start so that I can indulge in all these activities above (although as I mentioned I have definitely already been eating YO-CHI).

Let us know in the comments your fave things to do in summer and PLEASE have the best summer, babes! xxx


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