One Coat // Three Ways

Winter is upon us and with it comes the age old task of updating our wardrobes.
*bank account squeals in terror*

If you’re anything like us, finding the perfect winter coat is akin to finding your new home for the next few months. It’s got to be stylish but sturdy, androgynous but not Amish, cosy but chic. I mean, we’re not asking for much, are we?

From there, of course comes the next arduous task: Where are we wearing this jacket?
It’s a loaded question. Unlike summer which requires essentially the same outfit from day to night, winter comes with a new set of troubles. Even though you looove that new dress you just bought, it’s also minus degrees out and unless frostbite just became the new ‘It’ accessory this season, you might need something to go over it. Same goes for walking to work in your new cami top or heading on a date (although in that scenario  we can think of some movie worthy jacket lending moments that could ensue. It that case, the frostbite could be worth it).

However, it seem the reason that not all of these occasions require the same coat, correct? Or at the very least, you wouldn’t want to seem like an outfit repeater…

Girl, where is your imagination? Of course you can! Never fear, we’re here to help! At Bariano HQ we have picked the perfect versatile coat and styled it for such 3 occasions.

(You’re welcome.)



While we spend the majority of our week here (and should be more organised by now), we’ve all had those moments in the morning spent rushing around with piece of toast in our mouths, spilling a cup of tea with out foot and frantically trying to find the perfect outfit.
Or is that just us?
In any case, the key a work-appropriate outfit lies within three foolproof details:
– A sturdy work bag
– Staple jewellery
– Comfy, yet stylish, shoes
Though a #girlboss should always play by her own rules when it comes to fashion, these key rules are timeless. Finding the perfect pair of work shoes can take some time, but once you’ve found them, you’re set for life. Always try to go for something in genuine leather for a longer life cycle and a thicker heel that wont snap when you’re running to catch the bus. From there, staple jewellery such as a good watch or fine chain jewellery always helps to add an elegance to any outfit. And the bag? Well let’s just say you want something polished but very sturdy, or you might find that handle breaks in the middle of the sidewalk and spills a bunch of tampons right in front of that cute guy passing you. (Uhh, happened to a friend… definitely not us… #RIPdignity).


This is your time to shine. While guys may sometimes not understand trends like Sneaker Heels or Harem Pants, your girls do and this is your time to show them off. Outfits for girls nights are all about showing off your creative flare. So go crazy! At Bariano HQ, we’ve opted for some Valentino-esque studded heels and a classic grey chloe bag to accentuate the lilac undertones of this grey coat. Pair that with a bold berry lip and chic tan slip dress, and you’re in business.
Now, who wants Cosmos?


Date night outfits should be soft and feminine. The key is to look casual but still elegant and (let’s be honest) sexy as hell. Easy, right?
To achieve this, try balancing elements of your outfit. I.e keeping your hemline long, but your neckline low and vice versa. Nothing sexier than a little bit of mystery, right? We’ve chosen a soft baby pink to compliment this structured grey coat.
When choosing shoes, it’s dealers choice, but remember not too high or you risk tripping on the steps after one too many glasses of liquid courage (again, drawing on some past experience here). We’ve chosen a lace up heel in this season’s signature camel toned trend, because pairing camel with pink and grey? Hello, dreamy!

But above all, transitioning from summer to winter is all about choosing versatile pieces you can wear all year round. And with a classic coat like this, probably all next winter too!

Warmest regards, ladies.

Bariano x x x



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