These are the girls who have stood beside you through thick and thin. The girls that assured you that haircut would grow out, that told you to forget that guy and move on because you’re beautiful, the one’s that helped distract everyone so you could make run for it because you just had to wear those new white […]


We Love Our Layers!

As the days get colder and nights get longer, each morning snuggled in bed, we ask ourselves the usual question we ask each winter. Like, “Do I really need to leave by bed today?”, “Will my boss notice if I don’t turn up to work?”, “Do I really need a job?” and “Who will pay my […]

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Feeling Blue?

This season, Cobalt Blue is trending in fashion and interiors alike. This Autumn welcomes cool and bright hues contrasted with white. Inspired by the beach, ocean, and vibrant destinations. These brighter blue tones create an element of sophistication and flare. Paired with softer colours, cobalt can create a pop for a crisp and alluring look. […]

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Have a Stylish Autumn

With the first full week of March underway, we embark into a new season…. Autumn! The time of year where the leaves start to change colours, nights become cooler and layers are in full swing! Autumn in Melbourne is famous for its blend of festivals, fashion, food and flowers. As the chill sets in, we […]

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Fave Oscar Best Dressed

The Academy Awards is unquestionably one of the most-watched fashion events on the annual calendar. Since the first ceremony 89 years ago, the Oscars have not only been known to honour the best films, but are gazed upon by millions of viewers to see the contenders for best dressed. An elegant red carpet look is […]

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Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Oh hey there brides-to-be! Now you’ve found your dream dress to float down the aisle in and your man’s all tuxed up, its time to think of your girls (aka your Bridesmaids!). Tess girls have been by your side through think and thin so its only right they are by your side on this special day […]

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